Classes 2013


Praktyk no: 8818126
FAMMED presents the following:

• Antenatal classes
• Postnatal classes
• Phototherapy
• Baby well-being clinic
• Immunizations
• Postnatal support and advice regarding breastfeeding
• Wound dressing and home visits
• School health services

Antenatal Classes 2012:

Fammed Clinic presents a programme of 8 ante natal classes during which all aspects regarding pregnancy, labour and baby care are presented.

Only 6 - 8 couples per group are allowed to ensure personal contact and emotional support.

Classes consist of 8 informations sessions.

Bookings can be made via internet, telephonic or per fax.

Classes will commence on every Tuesday (for 8 weeks) from 19h00 – 21h00.

Starting dates:

3 July 2012 – Tuesday – for 8 weeks

Postnatal Classes 2012:


Breast,Bottle feeding & introducing solids

Sleeping problems


Baby stimulation

Postnatal depression

CPR & baby safety

Infectious diseases, Dehydration & Fever

Baby massage

Postnatal exercises

FREE weighing after every class!!!

Contact Fammed for more details!!!

For more info contact FAMMED

012-661 6286 / 082 892 7686