Fammed – Primary Family Health Centre

What is Fammed?

Fammed is a Primary Health Care Centre that provides an Ante Natal Preparation Programme, Post Natal Support Classes and a Baby Clinic. It also focuses on Woman’s Health and Corporate Health Services, as well as providing basic Wound Care and Immunization. Also available at your local Fammed is a Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, breastfeeding consultant, Counsellor and a Child Kinetics.

Our Mission is:

Fammed is a caring and focused business that uses a team approach to ensure that the highest quality health care service are provided with compassion and concern for the total well-being of an increasing percentage of the population.

Our Vision is:

To create a safe place, where the integrity and human dignity of our customers are honored, whilst becoming a commanding presence in the community, forever professional and ready, making a difference whenever serving our customers.

Fammed also has a Monthly Health Seminar dealing with various aspects, specifically related to the wellbeing of Mothers and their Babies.

Fammed also has Franchise opportunities (countrywide).

Fammed has a unique emergency kid available called “Little AID emergency kid".

We are requesting sponsorships from companies, suppliers or organizations, who would have an active interest, in becoming part of Fammed. Companies are welcome to contact Fammed to advertise on our website.

Should you be interested, please contact Sr. Kitty Nortje.

Tel: 012-661 6286

Fax: 012-661 4476

Cell: 082 892 7686

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yours Sincerely

Sr. CG (Kitty) Nortje.